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Equipment financing is a great way to upgrade your equipment while protecting your working capital. This product is very useful for businesses who consistently need to upgrade or purchase new equipment.


Accel Capital offers a loan and lease option for equipment financing. If you choose to lease the equipment, we purchase the equipment for you and you are then placed on a weekly or monthly payment plan. In some cases, you have the option of purchasing the piece of equipment at the end of the lease. If you choose the loan option, we then reach out to our equipment financing investors to provide options based on your business profile and the piece of equipment you wish to purchase. Either options may require a down payment. Essentially, this product is available to business owners who specifically need to purchase or lease new or used equipment.

Whether you need financing for an oven for your restaurant, a new or gently used truck or a medical device, equipment financing could be the best option for your business. Staying up to date with technology in this day and age is crucial if you plan on succeeding in the business world.


Documentation and stipulations required for applying for equipment financing varies depending on the lender. Terms depend on the expected life of the equipment whereas the rates depend on the customer and can be as low as 7%. Equipment financing may require collateral but in most cases, the piece of equipment acts as the collateral. Receiving the funds takes as little as 1-2 business days. Accel Capital also offers no collateral loans, based on the health of your business.

Equipment financing can be extremely beneficial to business owners who want to free up their capital for other business expenses. You can use the funds for old, new, or even refurbished equipment. Equipment financing can also offer a useful cycle of funding for businesses who frequently need to upgrade equipment.

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  •    Option to lease or purchase equipment
  •    Weekly or monthly payback
  •    Little to no down payment needed
  •    Equipment can act as collateral


  •    Rates dependent on credit score
  •    May require other collateral