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Frequently Ask Questions





A: Short term financing is business financing that is most commonly used for working capital. Whether it be for marketing, inventory, payroll or just simply for extra cash flow, this is the most common type of financing our customers receive. Terms range anywhere from 3-24 months. (Read more here)

A: A term loan is a more traditional type of business financing, similar to a bank loan, with a term length of up to 10 years. Customers usually receive up to $15,000,000 on a monthly payment plan. Qualifications are based on financials including but not limited to a profit and loss sheet, balance sheet and business tax return. (See more here)

A: A line of a credit is a revolving line of funds for a set amount that can be used when needed. Customers may us all or some of the line, repay and use again. Interest for a line of credit is only paid on what is actually used. Whereas a merchant cash advance is not a loan but a specific dollar amount based on future revenues and credit card sales with a fixed rate that remains the same throughout the term. These are usually paid back on a daily basis with the exception of some weekly and monthly payback options.

A: Accel Capital is a revenue based lender. Meaning, we examine business bank statements in order to produce tailored financing to each specific business. We can offer anywhere from 100-150% of your average business revenue.

A: An ACH pull is a specific daily amount that is deducted from the business bank account every business day, excluding weekends and government holidays. A credit card split deal is done by repaying based on the credit card sales done each day. The lender will take a specific percentage of sales each day based on credit card sales.

A: A lockbox is another bank account set up by the lender to ensure payback of funds. Repayment is made by sending all credit card sales to the account where all funds are divided accordingly and sent to each party. This type of deal normally takes a little longer to close.

A: Approval time ranges from 1-2 days!

A: No, it will not kill your chances. However, underwriters must take into account other balances when generating an offer for your business.

A: Yes, as long as you can show proof of some type of payment plan.

A: Since we offer non-collateralized funding, checking personal credit is crucial when identifying the risk factor of a customer.

A: Absolutely. Be prepared to send a full year of business bank statements so our team of experts can qualify you accordingly.