By: Leah Virzi

Have you made your to-do list and checked it twice?

Where has the year gone? You have been busy keeping up with your every-day tasks, making sure you are able to keep your business afloat, but now you realize that the holiday shopping season has just started. Whether it’s just a day in the life of the holiday shopping madness, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, or even Cyber Monday, we’ve got you covered with every way you can maximize sales this holiday season.

  1. Staff yourself with extra, seasonal employees.

If you are understaffed, you are unprepared. Make a goal to hire seasonal employees that you can utilize. With the holidays coming, you will need an ample number of employees to sustain an ample number of customers. If you do not have the funds to pay for the extra employees at this time, utilizing a line of credit, or financing your invoices may be an option, depending on your type of business. This will allow you to have the staff you need, and the cash to pay them, fast.

  1. Spend a little bit extra on marketing

This is the time of year to catch the eyes of many potential customers. A smart marketing team, and smart advertisements will get your name out there. Your best bet would be to:

  • Plan out a marketing campaign. Use a marketing calendar, with posts ready for all of your social media pages, and email campaigns. Aim to post multiple times a day, and send emails multiple times a week.
  • Create unique, and simple advertisements to put in your emails or posts on social media. These can consist of photos of your business, or your logo, including the current sale or special you have running.
  • Use live videos on Facebook or Instagram to promote current sales or new products. This creates a more personal relationship with your customers, because they can live chat with you or your employees, giving them the opportunity to ask questions or to feel more inclined to purchase your products.
  • Make a fun holiday card, inviting local residents to an in-store event such as a raffle or contest. You could also have an appealing gift that accompanies a specific purchase value, to push your customers to spend more.

Utilizing a great marketing team, giveaways, and/or events are great for bringing customers in, but until you receive the cash from these special offers, you will need funds to cover your expenses. This is where a short-term loan, or even an SBA loan would come in handy. The best part about both is that they have lower interest rates than what you would find with a business credit card, and you will be able to save any leftover cash for other expenses.

  1. Make sure your website is strong

Your worst nightmare is spending long hours building a visually appealing, and easy-to-navigate website for your retail business, only to find that as soon as Cyber Monday hits, the site crashes. In order to prevent this, follow these tips:

  • Purchase the latest software for high security and website efficiency.
  • Utilize a content delivery network (CDN) to continue to have a running site even in the event of high customer volumes.
  • Adjust the data cap on your website to allow for a larger volume of customers to utilize your site at once.

Of course, all of this will cost a bit of money to ensure that the site is appealing, stable, and ready for holiday shoppers. If you do not have the funds right now, try applying for a line of credit. The business line of credit gets funding to you in as little as 1-3 business days, to make sure your customers can safely use your site this holiday season.

End this calendar year by utilizing these tips, and the many funding options that we can provide to you. So, you can see silver and gold this holiday season.