By: Leah Virzi

Spice up your restaurant and bring in more customers

Let’s say you own a chic little Italian restaurant, which was once really popular, but over time it lost its steam. You’re stuck with only a few customers every day, and rarely get anyone new to come in and try your place out. Up until this point, you’ve probably thought that paying for advertisements would be a waste of money, but as you may have learned, advertising could have influenced the presence of more customers over the past few months. At this point, you do not have the funds to put forth for advertising, and you feel stuck because you want to see your business flourish once more, but you’re not sure of what else to do. This is where we can come in to help.

You can apply for a medium-term or short-term funding, working capital, or a line of credit; all of which only take 1-2 business days to give you access to the funds you desperately need to bring in more customers. But what can you do with the money?

Well, the first thing that would help your restaurant tremendously, would be to give the building a face lift. This is what a medium-term loan would work best for. This is one of the most classic ways to attract new customers, because if they see something that looks new, they will want to try it out. Ways you can improve the curb appeal can be to have the trimming, doors, and any logos or signs repainted. To improve the building’s interior design, you could repaint the walls, add new light fixtures, and possibly new sets of tables and chairs. Those minor cosmetic renovations can turn around the atmosphere, making it more inviting for your customers. This may be one of the more expensive options to attract customers, but once you throw up that “Grand Re-Opening” sign, as well as some photos of the new renovations on your social media pages, it will definitely bring in a good pop of business.

To further attract customers, whether it’s after your remodeling or not, we highly suggest doing a press release. This will let the community know that you are open for business and that you have a lot more to offer. You can use the rest of the money you took out for your renovations to fund this. You could also use a line of credit or even a cash advance, both options allowing you to pull funds out at any time, working best especially in this situation, where you may need the money to fund the press release within the next week.

You can also use a line of credit or even a cash advance to pay for a URL so that you can build a good website for your restaurant. The website should include your location, pictures of the interior and exterior of the building, photos of some of your most popular dishes, your menu, your contact information, reviews and your business hours. Having all of this information will allow for possible guests to find your restaurant if they search for you online. Including things such as business hours and the menu can also be beneficial because it gives guests a good idea as to what you have to offer, as well as times they are able to come in.

To attract customers in other ways, you can be active within the community. You could become more active by reaching out to local teams to sponsor them and have your logo on the back of their uniform; or you could allow for big community events to be held at your restaurant, such as a Christmas dinner with Santa. Those options may come at a cost for you, but with the great experience you will provide to those customers, they will be sure to come back after the event is over. You could also offer to work some of the community events, like a fair during the summer, where your restaurant could have a tent. A lot of people go to events as such, and they will be excited to know that they can get that great slice of pizza that they tried at the fair, at a local Italian restaurant like yours.

There are many ways you can improve business and attract more customers. One thing to note though, is that it does cost money to make money. So, taking out funds, will end up helping you tremendously in the long run if your business just needs that extra pizzazz to bring the life back into it. Whether it be a loan, line of credit, or cash advance, the money is sure to go to use whether it be for renovations, a press release, a well-built website, or even to rent out a tent or food truck to serve food at a local fair. Whatever the type of funding may be, it will definitely be proven worthy, once you see your restaurant flourishing once more.