Make a concrete presence in your community and online

By: Leah Virzi

Who are you? This may sound like an odd question but honestly, no one sees you as a living, breathing human being, with a name and face. They only accept your existence when they see you in person, online, or if they hear of your accomplishments. Think about this in terms of your business. No one will know what you own or what you sell until they see your business’s name elsewhere. So, how exactly can you market your business and get your name out there?

When most people think of marketing a business, people generally think restaurants, retail, and the such. But, what many rarely consider, is marketing for a construction company. Marketing for a construction company can often be difficult because construction companies don’t have coupons or sales to offer around special holidays like stores and restaurants do. There are also challenges when gaining a following because people really only turn to a construction company when they feel like they have to, because sites are messy, and they are not always fun to deal with. For example’s sake, let’s say your company’s site takes up a chunk of a busy street, causing many people to take a detour. We all know how frustrating taking a detour can be, especially if you are on your way to work. Although people will be frustrated, they will be in traffic and they will look around at what your company could be building. If you have a massive, eye-catching logo with your name and contact information on it, people can (and will) search for your company. Whether it be to see when your project will be done so they can resume their normal commute, or to see the other services you offer.

To market your business effectively in this situation you need the essentials: an eye-catching logo, a catchy name, a strong social media team, and strong ties to the community. Ways to get involved within the community could be joining the city’s local rotary club, which could lead to your business being used for your city’s major construction projects. Another way to get involved is face-to-face interaction with local residents. Face-to-face interaction is one of the most powerful ways to market your business, especially for construction. It is smart to interact with the local residents or other business owners because you can speak with them in person and see what services they require. It also opens the opportunity to provide them with visual contact information to refer back to when in need of your services (business card, company flyer, etc). Possible clients are also much less likely to say no, and more likely to remember your brand if they speak to a representative in person, about a future project.

If you do go the route of marketing online, there are also many other ways to effectively attract more clients. Starting with a strong website that provides contact information, office location, reviews and business hours will definitely help you attract more clients since they now have a way to contact you. The website offers possible clients an opportunity to reach you, but if you want to reach out to customers and gain a larger following, social media is definitely the way to go. To build the following you want for your construction company, it is a good idea to follow pages related to your company, as well as many local businesses that could possibly need your services. On your social media pages, you should be very responsive to comments, messages, and tweets. This can allow clients to feel more inclined to reach out to you, and you can also use this as a great way to reach out to them. Reaching out to possible clients when they post a status or tweet a question such as, “Does anyone know of a good company that can fix my patio?” can give people yet another opportunity to recognize your business and easily remember who to contact when needed.

If you want to show your possible clients what you are capable of, and increase the likelihood of them officially hiring you for a project, you should post photos of your completed work. Post progress photos of former projects, or current ones, to your website or social media pages. This can be a way of showing off your work, and will also confirm that you are a dependable company to work with. Possible clients can also use these photos as a visual to form a more concrete idea as to what they want and expect from you.

Now you see that it’s not that hard to get your name out there. You can interact with your clients online and in the community so people will get to know your business’s name, and in turn, they will see that your business is available to help. Especially in the case of construction, you can really take advantage of the customer interactions online and in person, which can lead to your business being a household name.  Funding for your construction company comes easy, as well. Short-term financing and a line of credit are great solutions for marketing your business. All it takes is a good logo, a catchy name, a strong marketing team, and a way to interact within the community. With all of these essentials put together, there is absolutely no way you’ll fall off the ladder.